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"I joined San Jose BFBC about 3 months ago. I was going to 24/7 before joining this gym. I was bored and not really getting much out of my time there. I needed something different that would push me. San Jose Bodyfit Bootcamp was just what I needed. Sheila has been great as our instructor. I love the fact that going 3 times a week, we never repeat the same routine. Most of all I see the improvements in weight loss and stamina. Overall I feel great. Getting up for a 6AM session isn't always easy but I feel great when it is over."

Thanks SJ Bodyfit Bootcamp! —David K.

"SJ Bodyfit Boot Camp - or known to me and my friends simply as BOOT, will kick your butt in all the best ways. I look forward to BOOT because Sheila always surprises us with something different, interesting, *ss-kicking and FUN."

—Tracey P.

"SJ Bodyfit Bootcamp has increased my endurance and strength! The atmosphere is fun; more like a team competition than working out, and I always feel great afterwards. I started bootcamp to train for a half marathon, and after successfully running 13.1 miles, I still keep going to bootcamp because it has become part of my weekly routine! I can't imagine what I would feel like without it."

—Sara S.

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"I wouldn't consider this a bootcamp - at least compared to others I've been to. SJ Bodyfit is more of a personal training-cross fit-mini-bootcamp. The workouts are very targeted and always different. It's fun to vary between using the gym's equipment and going out to Los Gatos Creek Trail. Sheila (and everyone else really) is so committed to giving you a great workout and they never dismiss any questions you may have. They are all very informative about effective exercises, proper body ergonomics and nutrition.
If you're looking to stand at the back of the class and half-assing it through your workouts, this is not for you. BUT, if you are looking for working hard (but safely) and getting AMAZING results (strength and tone) then this is where you need to be!"

—Terri R

"Working out at SJ Bodyfit  Bootcamp have been a positive experience not only physically but mentally as well. Sheila's personalized attention, support, and motivation makes you look forward to the next work out.  I highly recommend anyone that needs to start slow or needs a different fitness program to join this boot camp, you won't be disappointed. Every single work out is unique and fun."

—Monica C

"I have only been training at SJ Bodyfit Bootcamp for about a month.  It's amazing what a change I can already see and feel in my body.  The class provides a total body workout.  I love that the workouts change daily.  Each time I go I feel myself using different muscles than the previous workout.  It's so much better than just going to the gym which tends to bore me after about a week.  I would recommend this class to anyone.  My whole body feels stronger.  I've always been an active person so exercise has always been a part of my life.  The exercises we do seem very simple; in fact they often look like a piece of cake...until you actually start doing them.  The classes are small so the instructor is able to pay attention to your form; constantly providing feedback so that you know you're doing the exercises the correct way.  The workouts improve overall strength, endurance, and coordination.  I hate missing classes.  I feel so much healthier and am in an overall better mood when I go regularly. Again, I would recommend this class to anyone who is ready to work hard, feel good and see results quickly."

—Tracy S

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