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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bootcamp?

A four week indoor and occasional outdoor program of fitness and strength training, conditioning and encouragement in a safe, supportive and motivated environment that provides all the necessary tools to get fit and healthy. San Jose Bodyfit bootcamp is for all levels... no one gets left behind.

What can I expect from bootcamp?

Motivating fun exercises to help you reach your fitness goals. No, we don’t yell at you! We offer a different variety of movements and exercises daily to maintain a focus on alternating muscle groups and keeping it new and exciting. We offer a fellowship with others that have the same goals as you.

What can I expect after completing bootcamp?

Loss of inches, body fat and a firmer body . Improved posture. Increased strength and endurance. A happier, healthy, more confident you. New friends that share the same passions as you.

I have "bad" knees, a back, shoulder etc. Can I attend bootcamp?

With your doctors approval, we are happy to work with you in class. We find that these conditions can sometimes be helped with proper form, strengthen exercises, and modifications. In the meantime, we can work around any sensitive areas so you do not do more damage.

What do I need to bring?

Just a positive attitude and a water bottle! There is a water fountain at the gym if you need to refill. We provide clean mats and ANY equipment used during class. Just dress in comfortable, weather appropriate clothes and a good pair of shoes! Just bring a great attitude ready for adventure!

Do I need to be fit or athletic?

No. each individual will be given specific safe guidelines to stay within. No pressure to compete with anyone else. This workout is all about getting the most out of you. You will learn the proper form and execution to strength train every major muscle group in your body. Not only will you become more fit, you
will also learn how to do it yourself.

I haven’t worked out in a long time. Are your classes only for those who are already fit?

Not at all. Our programs are great for any fitness level, from beginner to advanced. Our trainers can walk you through modifications, as needed, to any of the exercises and above all, you are in charge of your workout when you walk into the room. After 3-4 classes of a session, you will begin to feel more comfortable with the movement and intensity levels of the class, and will be able to work both your cardio and strength endurance more each time you attend.

Do you have to be coordinated?

No. This is a basic workout. No fancy patterns or dance type movements.

Am I too old for bootcamp?

Never! I designed this program with the individual in mind. It can be modified to fit the elite athlete or the 65 year old grandmother. If you have the desire to become more fit, you can do this program. No pressure to keep up with anyone else.


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