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What Makes Us Different

At SJBFBC we partner with you through personal training or group fitness to hold you accountable, motivate you, and give you dynamic training, to get you to that next level! Clients come in the door ready to work hard, sweat, have fun and make life changes! It's okay to get loud, lift hard and let your hair down!

We have always had a love and passion for health and fitness and strive to offer a variety of classes to appeal to and fit all levels and needs.


This isn’t Monday morning drop-in class you miss whenever you feel like it and nobody will notice. When you enroll into SJ Bodyfit Boot Camp your are expected to show up for class — your trainer will hold you accountable for putting in the work to get the results.


You have to start somewhere. Every drill or exercise we do can be modified for beginners. Extra challenges are offered so even the most experienced exerciser will be pushed out of their comfort zone. The great thing about our program is that many of the advanced members started as beginners, they can completely relate to new members and help provide a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere.


At SJ Bodyfit Boot Camp you will never do the same workout twice. Variety is a key element to our program. From different exercises and different equipment to even different environments and ways of performing a drill, you can never get bored or hit a plateau. However, each workout is designed with a purpose, not a random set of exercises just to keep you busy. We keep the workouts interesting with different theme weeks and maintain a rotating schedule of muscle groups for each workout so that you can attend two days in a row.


Membership is limited each month. So, not only does the trainer get to know each member, the members themselves get to know each other. Members create friendships and support each other good and bad and of course during class!

Crossfit San Jose

SJ Bodyfit Bootcamp  was founded by Sheila Miller and is powered and backed by Crossfit San Jose, one of the most established Crossfit gyms in the South Bay. Our bootcamp shares the same facilities offering more than 3,500 sq.ft. full service cardio and strength training floor.












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  • Crossfit San Jose
    Bootcamp shares the same facilities as CFSJ, offering a full service cardio and strength training floor.
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